Es tut sich so einiges bei Um einen Einblick zu erhalten, haben wir für euch einen ausführlichen Changelog erstellt.

Changelog 1.1

  • Guthabensystem (Erhaltet Blutpunkte für diverse Aktivitäten. Diese Blutpunkte könnt ihr dann im Guthabenshop gegen interessante Dinge nutzen)
  • Münzsuche (Sucht die Blutmünze welche sich auf irgendwelchen Seite befindet. Dadurch erhaltet ihr 10 Blutpunkte auf euer Konto)
  • Gamertag/SpielerID (Ihr könnt in eurem Profil nun euren Gamertag des jeweiligen Systems angeben)
  • Eigenkreation des Logos um unabhängig dem original Logo zu sein
  • Navigationsbutton X ausgetauscht um Missverständnisse zu vermeiden
  • Forenthemen oder Beiträge mit Gefällt mir markieren
  • Profilscreenshots hochladbar (Ihr könnt bis zu 3 ingame Screenshots in euer Profil hochladen)
  • Dashboard ausgestattet mit Summe der verdienten Blutpunkte
  • Fehler behoben der den Button im letzte Kommentare Bereich verschwinden lässt
  • Fehler behoben der bei Profil bearbeiten eine weitere Eingabemaske angezeigt hatte
  • Fehler behoben der keine Benachrichtigung bei aktivierten Kommentar Abo sendete
  • Fehler behoben der keine Favoriten anzeigte trotz markierung

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Rise up! 


The test server is now live with Update 1.5. Make sure to download the latest update and jump in to test out the new Custom Ammo. The patch notes can be found on the test server hub here:

Happy test hunting!

Frankfurt (Germany), February 23rd, 2021 – Hunt: Showdown, developed by Crytek and powered by CRYENGINE, will celebrate three years since the game launched in Early Access on Steam with a range of activities, giveaways, discounts, and competitions this month.

Today, Hunt: Showdown is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with over 3 million unique players since launch. Updates to the game since launch include live events, a new map, teams of three, new bosses, a PvE mode, new weapons, equipment, and custom ammo, and more. The Hunt: Showdown roadmap continues to be updated, shaped by player feedback, as the game evolves to become bigger and better.

Hunt: Showdown fans are invited to join in the third-anniversary celebrations by following official Hunt social channels to pick up discounts, win prizes, and enter a new Weapon Skin contest, which will see one winner and two runners-up have their own design for a Legendary Weapon skin added to the game. More details about this contest can be found by visiting Hunt: Showdown - Third Anniversary Weapon Skin Contest!

“We’d like to thank everyone who has joined us in the bayou since Hunt: Showdown launched in early access three years ago,” said Faith Özbayram, Senior Producer on Hunt: Showdown. “We’re really proud of how the game has grown and we look forward to showing our appreciation for the community with a range of activities and events. There’s big plans in store for Hunt, including a new map, boss, outfit customization along with many more interesting features and content which we’ll be discussing all in due course. Many of these features are community requests and we’re excited to build on the success of the game with these updates and more in 2021.”

Watch the Hunt Anniversary trailer here:

Hunt: Showdown is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players can find out more about the game by visiting our website.

Hunt’s anniversary is almost here! ?

We’re kicking off the celebrations with an Anniversary Steam Bundle.

Get the game bundled with various DLCs for a discounted price now.

In case you own the game already, you will receive further loyalty discounts on the content of the bundle!


Here is another sneak peek at a few more ammo types coming with Custom ammo:

The Incendiary bullet has a small charge that ignites when fired & sets flammable targets alight, but a visible tracer can give the shooter's position away.

The poison bullet shatters on impact, releasing a toxic agent but with reduced stopping power & penetration.

~The Hunt team.